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Global advertising revenue from 2008 to 2016 (in billion U.S. dollars)

This timeline presents the total global advertising revenues from 2008 to 2016. In 2014 the total global advertising revenue amounted to 581.01 billion U.S. dollars! Imagine what you can do with our program! Let the fun begin and the money roll in!

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    Take the 2-in2 Challenge Very Seriously!
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    Okay, sign two up within two days... Then encourage them to do that same.
    (This Challenge will also be on their site for extra encouragement!)
    IF they can get 2 signed up in 2 day, AND, IF they can do that
    same and those new ones can do that same, etc, then
    what will happen is that you will fill a level of your
    2 X 14 Matrix every two days! Wow! At that rate,
    your Matrix would fill entirely, theoretically,
    in only 28 days! AND, you would be
    matching 2 others people with a
    full matrix by day 30....
    Monthly for

    How "close" to that can YOU get? Can you do HALF of that? How about 20% or even 10%?

    Ten percent would be about $1,965.90 / Monthly! What about 5% or even 2% (which is over $393.00 per month!)? What? ...Just two percent? Surely you can do that, right? How about 5 or 10 percent? That will help pay bills, right? Let the fun begin and the money roll in!


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