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How do I collect my commissions?
You get paid either via direct mail, in the form of a check, Paypal, Payza or SolidTrust Pay. You can select your preference in your back office area. You must be active the month that commissions are generated in order to be paid for that respective month.
REMINDER If you have over $10 earned in commissions, there will be a WITHDRAW PAGE appear as a pop up when you log in. The Withdraw Page will be posted starting on the 1st of the month and will last through the 8th of the month. You simply select the means by which you wish to be paid. You are required to Request Commissions each month, if you have the required minimum payout of commissions accrued and wish to be paid on the next payout date, in order to receive pay. Remember to stay active and remember to log in each month. (The payout minimum amounts are $10 for checks, Payza, and SolidTrust Pay and $15 minimum for Paypal payouts.) If you have selected Paypal you CAN request to be paid if you have over $10.00 earned after the 15th of the month in which the commissions are paid for last month.
How often will I be paid?
The commissions checks are sent out on the 10th of each month for the earnings for the previous month (or for the commission that have accrued through the last month) of the next business day. The commission payments that are sent out via Paypal are started on the 11th. That may take us up to 3 to 5 days to complete since we are not directly integrated with Paypal and we send those out manually.
REMINDER If you have selected Paypal you CAN request to be paid if you have over $10.00 earned. The minimum for Auto Pay through Paypal is normally $15.00.
Is there a minimum earnings amount required for commissions to be paid?
There is a minimum. You must have $10.00 earned to be eligible to receive a check or pay through Payza. You must have $15.00 earned to be eligible to be paid via Paypal. If you have selected Paypal, you CAN request to be paid if you have over $10.00 earned.
REMINDER There will always be a WITHDRAW PAGE that pops up between the 1st and the 8th of the month if you have earned over $10.00 in the previous month or if you have accrued $10.00 at that time. (If you have selected Paypal by which to be paid, those amounts are $15.00 for the minimum. Yet, if you have earned $10.00 or more it can be requested through Paypal.)
Is there a minimum earnings requirement to receive commissions via Paypal?
The minimum for receiving commissions via Paypal is $20.00. If you have selected Paypal, you CAN request to be paid if you have over $10.00 earned.
REMINDER We must sent those payments out manually and it takes 2 to 4 days to complete it. We start sending those out on the 11th of the month and complete it over the next 3 to 5 days.
How does the compensation plan work?
You make .30 per active member each month on your even levels (Matrix Commissions) in the Matrix below you per month throughout 14 levels (from members that are active). You also match 100% of your Personal Referrals' Matrix Commissions per month (that goes with the even levels of 14 levels beyond that "referred" member).
REMINDER There is a chart on the front page of the site at: http://gobig7.com that shows the "Matrix Earnings" that are produced as your matrix fills on the even levels. The odd levels do not pay out. It is constructed that we because it is 80 times more powerful than a 2 X 7 matrix would be. That allows us to pay tremendous commissions on a $7.00 per month system.
Do you have compression in the matrix?
We are currently building the software that will be better than that. If someone is goes inactive for 3 months, the pay will "skip" that space on that level and move down a level past that spot to start counting levels again. That will allow for pay that goes to 15 or 16 levels or more below that inactive spot.
REMINDER Compression never works on a "matrix" structure because the act of compressing the matrix actually changes the structure. It works only if the levels' widths are endless and the structure is not confined to a limited number of entries allowed on each level.
Where can I view my commissions for last month?
To find the month, click on Commissions on the left menu in the back office then look for the Calendar Icon (under the Logout Button on top). Mouse over it and select the month that you want to look up.
REMINDER Each month is documented and kept in that same spot listed as described in the answer here.
How do I refresh my back office area?
In order to refresh your "Referrals, Matrix, Commissions", etc, pages simply click on "Marketing" on the left menu. Otherwise, the back office dashboard updates every 3 hours automatically.
How can I receive commissions if my country doesn't support Paypal or Payza and checks are risky?
If you have over $100.00 in earnings, we can send it via bank wire.
Are there fees for receiving commissions through P*aypal?
We only charge $1.00 for sending commissions via P*aypal. We have to pay the support team for working since that is done manually.
REMINDER Paypal may charge other fees. That would be according to the rules of P*aypal. The check fee is $1.50 for checks $10.00 to $20.00. The fee for checks over $20.00 is $3.00.